Rules will host a 1 hour Instagram live feed each Sunday from 1 to 2pm NZT.

Viewers of the stream will be invited to become competitors by requesting to join the live stream.

Once joined, competitors will be shown a scramble. They will then be given 15 seconds to inspect, then they will solve.

1 scramble, 1 solve.

There will be multiple rounds in each week’s competition. The competitor’s time will be recorded along with their name and Instagram handle.

At the end of their solve, their turn will then end and another competitor will be invited or selected to compete. At the end of a round the entrants for the next round will be identified.

1 hour streams are expected to include around 15 competitors.

Scrambles will be confidentially generated in advance using CS timer, and times and other details will be recorded by as the competition happens.

A winner will be identified at the end of each competition for bragging rights.

Competitor checklist/requirements to compete;

  1. Instagram account and ability to join the live stream
  2. A cube
  3. A timer or device.
  4. Permission from parents or account holder if under 16

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